HSMA starting this October

One of the perks of working for the NHS is the availability of free access to a number of technical groups and sometimes even training. This is where the HSMA 5 programme comes into play.

The HSMA is a programme that teaches staff in Healthcare and other civil services python & data science skills that originated in the South West; this was opened up to the rest of the country when COVID hit us, from October it'll be the 5th iteration, and it's the one that I've been accepted on.

Something to help with this is a nice little bit of rubber ducking. So here we have part one of the a series of ... some amount, revising what I've been taught. I'll be summarising the week's lessons, along with thoughts and some experiments and what not, hopefully to reinforce everything and also share the knowledge further on.

I'm also planning on streaming sessions of me doing stuff over at my OwnCast instance and I'll find somewhere to host recordings too.



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